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LEIGH - England

The structure of the course for Transformational Hatha Yoga was very well put together in terms of content, pace and materials used for study.

I believe that our teacher Michelle, in particular, helped even further to ensure our learnings were both  concise and enjoyable.

I can honestly say that for most  of the time  i didn't even realise I was learning everything, so naturally... it just seemed to filter in with her gradual way of introducing facts and subjects and then gently but consistantly refering to them so they became so familiar.

The transormational hatha yoga way of both teaching and presenting its own special form of an overall yoga lifestyle has  been inspirational to me personally, as well as teaching me to teach!





JINDRA - Czech Republic

I really enjoyed the course very much!!!!

It gave me more then I was expecting.

Very good way of teaching, practise and homeworks.

I can see I have learned a lot with no stress, all perfectly explained, logical and very inspiring. This course is definitely one of my best decisions in my life.

Thank you very much!!!






Enjoyed the yoga sessions, all theory sessions, and going through each asana throughly with adjustments.

Good teacher, good company and beautiful surrounding. Good way to gradually learn how to teach the whole session!







GEORGINA - England

A massive thanks to you Michelle for your wonderfull teaching and modeling, your patience, understanding and genuine love and care. I have enjoyed every moment  of all your classes and feel very blessed  to have meet you as you have truly inspired a new forth-coming journeyin my life!  Thank you again. Om Ma




MARIA - Cyprus

It was a great experience

I enjoyed all the parts of the teaching.

The teacher was excellent. Being patient with all of us, our needs, our questions, and always willing to solve our problems

I feel very confident and prepared to go back home and have the experience of teaching






Priscilla - Switzerland

Being a dancer and practicing Transformational Yoga has changed my way of practicing in a more concious way ! My body is healthier and getting less injuries, my mind is more peacefull and my inspiration and creativity has increased! TY changed my life in a very positive way. Its all about being conscious.






Ireen - South Africa

For me Transformational Yoga is ideally practiced in the morning before taking up daily routine. It is a gentle, low impact form of yoga, but very complete and the most pure form of yoga! After a session of Transformational Yoga both the student and the teacher feel energized and at peace. The energy level is maintained during the entire day and if practiced on a regularly basis the benefits such as a higher level of energy, happiness, healing on different levels, will become permanent. The practitioner will start experiencing more clarity and peace of mind in daily life, being able to reduce stress and confront problems in life and work, experience full awareness and intuition. Transformational Yoga is a non restrictive form of yoga and can be practiced and taught by and to all generations and fitness levels. The beauty of this yoga is that every student feels welcome, no matter what his/her background, age or fitness level is. It is never too late to start practicing or teaching this unique form of yoga!                  Ireen

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ZOE - Greece

I really enjoyed this course. I believe that I learned a lot of things, understood better things I've learned in the past and it also helped me to organize the knowledge about yoga  I have gained until today.

The course gave me a holistic view of yoga as I was practicing mainly just asanas before.



Anna Greece

ANNA - Greece

This course was really transformational for me.

My body feels stronger and I lost weight. I've learned many interesting things that I can apply in my daily practice.

They gave me a good example of how  one should teach with ease and patience. The explanations were clear and understandable.



EMILY - Canada

I really enjoyed this course!  The teachers were kind-hearted and genuine...providing good role models for a yogic lifestyle.  Thank you so much for your knowledge and kindness, I will always remember this experience.



Emily Canada Emma United Emirates

EMMA - United Emirates

Really enjoyed the course, all of the course was great, I learn't a lot!

Enjoyed the asanas the most but found the theory really interesting also. The teachers were great, the location was perfect for the course. The isn't really anything you need to imrpove on, it was great. Thanks so much!



NADIA - Greece

I really enjoyed the training course and I'm glad I did it.

It's been a great experienceand it has opened my horizons in yoga teaching and also my personal practice.

It sets high standards and also respects each one of us as an individual in a very discreet way with genuine approaches.

What I enjoyed most was the variety of meditation techniques and yoga nidra.



Nadia Greece Ancilla United Emirates

ANCILLA - United Emirates

I liked the way slowly and constantly we were able to built our skills and knowledge base.

Gentle encouragment and acceptance of all of us at our own levels. Many Thanks




The most i enjoyed your openness and kindness as well as your patience. Thank you a lot for that.

Very well composed and presented working materials, systemized and really ready to use. I Really enjoyed all the process.


KRISTA - Malta

The course was lovely, very nice warm and friendly atmosphere. I really enjoyed my stay and hope to be back next year for the prenatal course.



MARIA - Cyprus

This course took me a lot of emotion out. Every day was a different day for me. Something new was coming up. I enjoyed every day. I think that I found myself again. I found my calmness. When I’ll be back home I’ll improve my life.

Thank god I met you!


CINDY - Germany

Well, I definitely enjoy learning the breathing techniques, the adjustments, and using more asanas then I am used to. I see the course as a journey of getting deeper into the breathe  and deeper into the stretch of the asanas. Thank you for the experience!



JOANNA - Canada

Has been a wonderful course very comprehensive, theory application helped greatly with knowledge retention. I felt i was able to apply most of the theory taught in practice. I feel a transformation in action and feel wonderful. Wonderful teachers, very motivational. I will continue on with what i have learned here and I will pass on the wonderful knowledge. Thank you for such experience!  


NANCY - Greece

Amazing Experience. Professionalism but also warmth and sense of being at home. Beautiful

location. The course was laid out in a consistent manner, amazing teachers . Words cannot really express how lucky I feel to have been part of this great course, of this lovely group of people. Sad it is over but happy because I feel more alive, have better prospective of yoga with this integral holistic approach that gave me peace and in just 3 weeks it did work on me on all levels. Thank you!

Unforgettable. P.S. Amazing Food!


ELISA - Malta

This was an overall good experience for me!

This training gave me the ability to begin my own cleansing process and become more self aware so I can take my experience and share it with others. It really taught me what yoga is all about. The environment was homely and peaceful. I enjoyed eveything including the hospitality and the food. Thank you for this wonderful experience!


Liudmylla Krista Maria Cindy Rose Rivera Joanna Agnieszka Stepien Athanasia Bakas Voursoukis Elisa Camilleri Debra Marianne Elisabeth Silje


“I honestly enjoyed everything! Every single moment, every class, every break…everything.  I appreciated deeply the total presence of all the teachers.  The timing was great, the vegetarian food was delicious and inspiring.  The love and humble presence of Michelle, presence without judgment was precious and a very good example to be inspired.  Thank you from my very heart. It was a gift being here! Thank you for the masters who kindly and generously organized the structure of this precious method of growing…thank you!”

SANDA - Croatia

“ I enjoyed everything. So thankful for every single day. I had 3 weeks of good vibes only…!  The people too, each and every one is so special to me.  Michelle does a great job as a teacher with her calm and present self.  Marita’s alignment of the asana classes were really important.  The food was just ‘wow’!  Thank you for this experience. “

JENNIE - Sweden

“Thank you for letting me learn about yoga in such a safe, loving, soft and giving way!  When it is such an intensive course, it is a relief to be able to be yourself.  Feel what you feel and take a break when you need to.  It was all very natural and I loved that we got the chance to look into prenatal and Yin Yoga too…I really had the greatest time and this is the best thing I’ve done so far. Namaste!”


“I had an amazing experience.  I was happy to learn so much more about the chakras and different types of meditations…The food was amazing!  I felt very at home at Om Guesthouse and would recommend this course to anyone.”

ROZ- United Kingdom

“I have enjoyed this course immensely.  Because we began teaching each other during the first week, little by little, it was easier to tackle teaching full class by the end of the course.  The course is amazing and so professionally run.  The timing is superb with excursions and meals making it even more pleasant.  Michelle’s teaching has been so inspiring to me, that I really feel I can return hoe a yogini.  I intend to continue living my yoga on and off my mat in my daily life and with my friends and family.  Thank you so much for helping to really transform my life and enjoy it so much more!”


“I enjoyed the entire course tremendously, especially the balance between all areas of yoga, the spiritual and the physical.  I enjoyed the exposure to three different teachers- all of their personalities and styles.  The location and food were amazing.  The schedule was well balanced with enough time for study, practice and personal time.  Overall I am very happy to have chosen this course…”

VERONIKA - Czeck Republic

“First of all I would love to thank you for an amazing time, delicious food, nice words and lots of smiles.  I learned a lot during these 3 weeks.  It was the best decision of my life to come here.  You can be sure that you will see me again in future courses. “

ANDREA - Colombia

“ The course was very fulfilling, the classes were all interesting. The different types of teachers also made it very dynamic.  The theory was given to us in a nice way.  The whole process and experience was wonderful.”

ANNA - Greece

“ I liked the fact that this kind of yoga has a holistic approach on human beings.  For me it was a transformational journey, all these last few weeks.  I really liked the way of teaching and the opportunity to be taught by different teachers.”


“ I am grateful to have attended this course.  Very satisfied with the actual yoga practice and with all of the teacher’s skills and guidance.  I enjoyed the emphasis on the yoga not only as a form of exercise but so much more. I treasure the experience and would recommend it to other yoginis.  Thank you all for the knowledge, guidance, positive energy and most of all the inspiration…”

LUCIA - Spain

“ Generally the experience has been great.  I am so happy for having chosen this school for my YTT.  My initial expectations about the course were successfully fulfilled.   It is well structured and the teachers were wonderful.  What I enjoyed the most was the nice environment in the school, between students and teachers.  The food was great! In summary, I’ve learned a lot in these 3 weeks and am so grateful. Namaste!”

ATHINA - Greece

“The environment, facilities, food, and accommodations where all very nice. The course covered many different areas of knowledge so I felt that it was a complete training.  Overall, it was a great experience…thank you!”

AMSALE - Norway

“It was a great course.  I did feel with the asanas, pranayamas and meditation that my body and mind was more balanced and purer.  The food was absolutely delicious.  I thoroughly enjoyed and learned a lot from the afternoon session where we looked closely at the asanas. “


“I have loved the holistic approach to yoga in this course.  For me there was a perfect balance between practical discussion and reflection.  I enjoyed the history, philosophy of yoga and experimenting with meditation the most.  I’m so thankful that this course found me.  It has been a key milestone in my life to awaken the kundalini in me.”

PAULA- Ireland

“It’s been an enlightening experience and has left me eager to learn more and further deepen my practice.  The easy and relaxed approach with no stress or tension was an ideal environment for learning and growing together. “

NOREEN - Ireland

“The location was great.  It was very well paced and felt like a holiday at times, while still being educational. The learning felt effortless to an extent. Overall, it was a very valuable and enjoyable experience and allowed me to gain insight in certain areas and it was very well guided. I am very grateful!”

DEBRA - England

I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity and experience that you have given to me and will become part of me through my life. I feel like I have found what was missing in my life. Thank you for your kindness, everything was made very understandable and was very well  paced. Look forward to keeping in touch.


It has been a marvelous time here and your generous hospitality and kindness is something I always will remember. The food has been above expectations. It has been a nice composition of the daily schedule, with time to reflect upon the lessons. This has been one of the nicest experiences of my life and for that I am very grateful. Namaste.


Thank you so much for your kind and gentle approach, very good combination with studies and asanas. Good knowledge about asanas and corrections. I really anjoyed my stay and I have learnt a lot. Thank you, I will miss you and the excellent food.

SILJE - Norway

I have enjoyed all parts of this course. The process has been encouraging, involving, developing, interesting and very uplifting on many levels. The location is good and inspiring with a good view and short walk to the sea. The teachers have been inspiring and positive influences to learn more for the future career and on a personal level at the same time. Good atmosphere, memorable days and lovely food. I would really like to come back and learn more from you. I am gratefull and happy to have came here and partecipate in the yoga teacher training.

GEMMA - England

An amazing experience’Loved it all from beginning to end.

I’ve learnt so much about yoga and myself. I’ve met some wonderful people on my journey. I can’t wait to start teaching. It’s given me the confidence and knowledge to follow my dream. Thank you


I had the best time! I loved the material and the way it was taught and presented. The Om Guest House and the food were just wonderful. Everithing integrated well so the final was not stressful or overwhelming. I can’t wait to bring transformational hatha yoga to my classes and students in LA. Thanks for everithing! It truly was transformational.

DEMILJE - Croatia

This Yoga Teacher Training was a great experience for me in every way. I have learned a lot during these classes. So much about mantra I learned here and meditation.

ANNE MARIA - Finland

The course was a wonderful experience, really gave me confirmation and confidence about a new direction in my life. I feel so much better now on every level than I did 3 weeks ago and I want to continue this transformation.  Michelle is a great, inspiring teacher and I enjoyed the oppotyunity to work with different teachers as well to see other prospective too.

Not to mention the amazing cooking and the beautiful setting at the om guest house. Thank you!

SARAH - England

Loved the different types of meditation. The knowledge sessions were good as the information was ‘drip fed’ – No pressure to memorise and yet recalling the information. The experience has been so good – will be something I will treasure forever.

LOUISE - Australia

I feel so blessed to have been guided to come here by my intuition….I can’t thank you enough for guiding me with patience, knowledge and an air of truth that is honest and fair. Your knowledge and experience and gentle nature sets you apart simpley amazing. Also an amazing chef at the guesthouse, I enjoyed all I have learned!

JOANNE- England

It was more than I could ever have expected or hoped for. I loved the balance of asana practice, meditation, mantra, physiology and also the balance of the teachers. I can not thank you enough for the  designing  of the programme, the clear explanations, the support and the unconditional love you give. It was the perfect course for what I was wanting to continue and develop my yoga path.

AMMIE - Australia

It has far exceeded my expectations and I have learnt so much and I loved it so much. Really felt in my element, had a great group and fantastic and very knowledgeable teachers. Very grateful.

JULES - England

I felt looked after throughout , from the initial enquiry to booking, arrival and being here.  Inspirational teaching- Michelle IS yoga... The course content was over and above what is essential, very nourishing and interesting subject metter.  Attention to detail in all areas was good-from transport, timings to lesson content.  I enjoyed the lovely surprises like the beach picnic. It was wonderful. I could go on and on…

ELENA - Russia

Thank you for the time in my life wich I spent here with you and open for me next door on my way. I like your professional level, responsability and most of all, humanity and friendship. Thank you!

HEGE - Norway

Good balance in theory and practice organised to make us more confident during our time here worked very well. Nice accomodation, wonderful food and your hospitality and warmth is marvelous. Thank you for the wonderful weeks!!!

DELIA- Romania

Many thanks for this wonderfull inner journey, for giving possibilities to meet very nice and interesting people from around the world! I think it is a very well organised course. I have the opportunity to synthesize my knowledge and accumulate new ones. You all are wonderfull people loving and caring and I wish you all the best! I hope we will always stay in touch.


Thank you so much for your kind and gentle approach, very good combination with studies and asanas. Good knowledge about asanas and corrections. I really anjoyed my stay and I have learnt a lot. Thank you, I will miss you and the excellent food.

AUDRY - France

What I learned and experienced in this course is beyond my initial expectations. Not only I have learned valuable knowledge and techniques about teaching yoga, but I also went through different  processes thanks to the transformational hatha yoga technique. It helped me a lot professionally, mentally and personally.  I enjoyed the om guest house, the people, the view, the location, the atmosphere. I enjoyed the food, the organization of the course (rythm, content). I enjoyed the activities aside of the course too. Merci!

TATIANA - Croatia

The whole yoga teacher training concept was nicely arranged. I almost felt like home because of your hospitality and effort to make it nice and enjoyable for us.  I enjoyed the asana practice very much and learned a lot about adjustments, asanas and breathing tecniques. Theory part was  very intresting. Nice to have different teachers that give as well a different point of view on the subject. It was a wonderfull journey that I am gonna remember for the rest of my life. Thank you all very very much!.

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