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Michelle Kaminski Turini (Yogini Saundarimayee) E-RYT 500,  finished her Masters in Clinical Psychology in California, and then followed her passion for yoga by taking an Ashtanga teachers training course. Being especially interested in the mind-body connection and the power of yoga to bring balance to mental and physical health, she deepened her yogic studies in India. Studying directly under the guidance of Swami Vidyanand, the founder of Yoga Alliance International, she received the Grand Master level certification in Transformational Hatha yoga, Pranayama, and Meditation. She also studied prenatal yoga with Uma Dinsmore- Tuli, Childrens yoga with Rainbow Kids and Kidding Around Yoga,  Yin Yoga with Bernie Clark and Integrative Yoga Therapy with Joseph Le Page. Today Michelle is director of the Transformational Yoga school and currently leads yoga teacher training courses in Greece, Italy & the United States.  Michelle skillfully blends psychology & spirituality in her yoga style, using a well-rounded approach with Transformational Hatha yoga, and is well prepared to guide you towards the integration of body, mind, and spirit.  


Transformational Yoga's teaching team

Adela Fryhover RYT 500 spent three years in India under the direct guidance of Swami Vidyananda, founder of Yoga Alliance International and received the grand master level certification in Transformational Hatha Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation.  Her training allowed her to absorb the ancient roots of Yoga and to share her knowledge and experience internationally.  She has since led teacher training courses in Dubai and Miami, USA.  Her emphasis is on a traditional gentle style of yoga, aimed at releasing stress through working on the body, mind, breath and awareness, leading to self-transformation, good health, emotional balance, increased vitality, and inner peace & harmony.



MARITA MITTAG is a Grandmaster Level teacher of Hatha Yoga & a Master Level teacher of "Transformational Hatha Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation", trained under direct guidance of Swami Vidyanand at Srima School India. She is also a worldwide ambassador for Yoga Alliance International. Marita has about 20 years of experience with yoga as a student & 12 years as a teacher. She has also studied under teachers like Baron Baptiste (Power Yoga) and Manju P.Jois (Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga). Marita holds a BA  in Dance Studies from University of Surrey  and is currently the director and master teacher of AF STUDIES "Vinyasa Yoga Academy" in Athens, Greece. She also received training in Pilates, Massage, Reiki and Breath Therapy. Her approach to increase body awareness in yoga is through blending anatomy and kinesiology together with the spiritual aspect of yoga practice.

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VANDANA WADERA is an Internationally Certified Yoga Teacher and Yoga Teacher Trainer since 2006.

She is the director of YOGA ALLIANCE INTERNATIONAL's  UK division and currently lives in New Delhi, India.

•Director Srima International School of Transformational Yoga

•Grandmaster of Transformational Hatha Yoga &Meditation

•Reiki Master level 3

•Hypnotherapist HSI Certified level 3

•Qualified UK Pharmacist.BPharmHons Kings College London University

•Yoga Therapist specialized in Hormone Therapy Yoga, Prenatal yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Somatic Education, Mantra chanting, Meditation and Pranayama.