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Transformational hatha Yoga is based on the premise that every individual harbors in the core of their being, the capacity to experience pure consciousness, characterized as good physical health, emotional balance, mental stability and spiritual clarity.

Transformational Yoga is an integral system, developed by Swami Vidyanand in India, that activates inner resources which allow you to live in a state of well-being and balance, relieving the pressures of modern living. Yoga is not only asana, but it is an attitude, an awareness of your interaction with life and should give you the ability to handle any challenges that life presents.  While Transformational yoga uses hatha yogic postures in order to stretch and strengthen the physical body,  pranayama breathing techniques, mantra chanting, and meditation are also an essential part of this complete yogic system that purifies the chakras and allows kundalini energy to awaken.  As a result, the effects of this practice are carried over into your everyday life bringing equilibrium and serenity to the physical body, emotions, mind, and soul...      

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                    LEIGH - England



The structure of the course for Transformational Hatha Yoga was very well put together in terms of content, pace and materials used for study.

I believe that our teachers helped even further to ensure our learnings were both  concise and enjoyable......

The transormational hatha yoga way of both teaching and presenting its own special form of an overall yoga lifestyle has  been inspirational to me personally, as well as teaching me to teach!.......

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Leigh Wilson
Yoga Asanas TTC September 2015 Greece

200 hr Yoga teacher training

April 23 - May 12, 2017

September 3 - 23, 2017



85hr Prenatal  teacher training, October 3 - 9, 2016 Greece

June 2017 (to be announced)



Yoga TTC Asanas India

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

500hr Yoga Therapy

Sept. 25 - Oct. 20, 2017 Greece

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